Following the nation's lead, New Jersey labeled today as POW/MIA Recognition Day. It honors and remembers Americans taken as Prisoners of War or Missing in Action.

Stephen Chernin, Getty Images

According to the National League of POW/MIA Families web site, the current total of missing and unaccounted-for Americans is 1,661 (New Jersey: 43).

Governor Chris Christie issued the following statement:

“For 22 years, a grateful nation has paused to remember those who fought and defended freedom abroad, but have yet to return home to their country and families. Those Americans who were prisoners of war, remain missing in action, or are unaccounted for, serve as a powerful reminder of the depth of sacrifice and strength of character of the men and women who voluntarily serve our nation. We also recognize those family members and communities that have held out hope for their loved one in the service - days like today remind us of the debt of gratitude and appreciation we owe to them and their families. I encourage New Jerseyans to take a moment today to offer thoughts and prayers for those Americans whom have not been returned to us.”