Animal advocates are concerned that a man who admitted killing 19 cats and kittens in Monmouth County in 2008 may be doing the same thing at his current home in Delaware.

Anthony Appolonia served five years in jail for stomping, beating and drowning and torturing the felines he adopted in a short period of time according to NJ Advance Media.

Four people in Delaware told the news organization that they have not seen their cats since giving them to Appolonia.

"If you have given this man a cat, please contact me. His name is Anthony Appolonia. He spent five years in prison in New Jersey for torturing and killing 19 kittens and cats in just two months. He now lives in Dover and has been accused of soliciting cats across Delaware under the names Tony Appolonia, Michael Racanelli and A. Smith," reads a post on Craigslist.

Appolonia denied the allegations in an interview with NJ Advance Media. "I've done nothing wrong. ... If people say they gave me cats, they're fabricating it. They're (expletive) liars," Appolonia said.

The Delaware Office Of Animal Welfare told the news organization it has had Appolonia under investigation since the beginning of the year and said it has received  a"ton" of complaints about Appolonia, but the officer's chief investigator had been out with a foot injury for several months, creating a backlog of cases.

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