NEW BRUNSWICK — An iPhone dropped while it was charging, causing it to explode inside a Central Jersey high school classroom.

The school's fire alarm sounded and the building was evacuated after the phone was dropped while it was plugged in and charging, according to Gerard Cappella, coordinator of emergency planning for New Brunswick Public Schools.

New Brunswick Today reported the incident took place Jan. 12.

New Brunswick Public Schools Seccurity Director Peter Mangarella told New Brunswick today that "as soon as it hit the ground, it sparked. ... It flashed."

Cappella did not say what model iPhone it was  .e.

There were no injuries nor was there damage to the school, according to Cappella.

The iPhone uses a Lithium-ion battery, similar to that in several phones, including the  i Galaxy Note 7 that was pulled from the market after some overheated and caught fire. However, there have been no reported cases of iPhones catching having problems with batteries.

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