Here’s tonight’s lineup for you to ponder:

Some kids wearing Tee shirts commemorating the deaths of a couple of kids from a neighboring school were being told not to wear the shirts or they’d face disciplinary action. Their parents are now saying it’s a First Amendment issue, and should be able to wear them!

Should the school force the kids to remove the shirts….or just leave it along and avoid the risk of legal action. (sense of entitlement, first amendment right; or school officials being "douchey" for the sake of being "douchey"?)

There’s a group of about 80 Indonesian Christian immigrants who are lobbying against being deported. Many have been here since the 90’s…have put down roots in the community…mainly in Middlesex County..but because they overstayed their visas, and in effect were granted a “backdoor amnesty”; are now facing potential deportation.

Do you think they should stay or go? (Tough one…huh?)

If you’ve hosted a Superbowl party…how’ve you gone about stopping guests from drinking too much…because you know you’re liable if they get into an accident leaving your party?

And by the way…what’s on the menu for Sunday? (I’m hungry already!)

How much diet soda do you drink a day? Because now there’s a study that says drinking diet soda daily could boost risk for stroke or heart attack.

Would you still continue to drink diet soda knowing of the health risks?

(And if "everything gives you cancer"...then why bother?)

Housing for homeless vets is being planned for the VA Medical Campus in Lyons…spearheaded through a community service agency in Parsippany.

Do you think this enough and will it be effective?

Have you ever had any brushes with death? A woman survived death after she jumped in front of a PATH train in Jersey City this morning.

Or you’ll get the occasional Good Samaritan who’ll jump in front of a train to save someone some guy who jumped in front of an oncoming train to save a woman who’d passed out!

When have you defied the odds?

Plus Guids on skis. Classic Guido Tuneage for Skiing tickets at 2 AM!