Do you feel a woman who bought lottery tickets in a pool should share in the winnings of the ticket she bought for herself?

Inevitably this happens.

Someone from an office goes out and buys lottery tickets for everyone in their office that’s entered a pool. Then sometime after, that person will buy a lottery ticket for themselves; and low and behold, the winning numbers come out!

Who gets the money? Should the one who bought the tickets for the pool share in her winnings if she went out and got a ticket for herself.

I'd say of course not.

Ahh,but there's a catch!

Some hair salon employees in Indiana are at war over a $9.5 million winning lottery ticket.

A bitter battle has broken out between eight workers at Lou's Creative Styles in Indianapolis who claim one of their number is trying to keep all the cash for herself.

Christina Shaw says the lucky Hoosier Lotto ticket that scooped the mega-money bonanza is hers alone.

She says she bought it herself, and it was definitely not part of the office pool.

Kent Smith, attorney for Christina Shaw, has maintained that the winning ticket in the Feb. 16 Hoosier Lotto drawing was one she bought separately for herself, not one of the tickets she purchased for the group.

But the other hairstylists testified that they all had agreed not to purchase personal tickets at the same time and place as the tickets for the pool, and that Shaw broke the rules.

Current and former workers took to the stand to say that buying personal tickets with pool tickets would make it "impossible to determine which was whose ticket."

The workers in the salon screwed up. What proof is there of an agreement not to buy personal tickets. Besides that, did the buyer copy the pool tickets and post them for everyone to see?

I'd say she has to split what she won just to get them off her back.
Like Sonny said in "A Bronx Tale", " paid Louie 20 dollars not to break your balls!" (Or words to that effect!)