I was recently given the heads up on the newly instituted red light camera program in the town of Freehold. Our power was turned off for a short amount of a time a few days ago to allow the technology to be installed. I'm not happy and neither are my neighbors.

We've discussed the multitude of problems red light cameras cause on New Jersey roads from lack of safety to payments of fines that would never be handed out if a real life police officer was sitting at a red light.

As I was driving home last night, I decided to show the cameras my thoughts on the situation. At every red light I was stuck at (all of them, and for a couple of minutes), I would roll down my window and place my middle finger on my windshield pointed directly at the camera until the light turned green.

I'm mad about the situation because it increases my chances of getting rear ended on my way to and from work everyday. Now, I worry about just how much these photos and constant video rolls will be inspected. Will someone on the other side of the camera decide my gesture was indecent or a public disturbance?

It sounds humorous but you can't put it past the New Jersey law system to find a reason to punish me for what I did. Both safety and well being get sacrificed every single day for revenue.

Do you think I'll get a fine for what I did? Let me know by taking our poll below.