The long holiday weekend weather forecast worked out reasonably well with the exception of Saturday.

We had showers in parts of far southern New Jersey and in far northern New Jersey, which we did not expect.  The showers we had yesterday certainly was expected. In fact, there was a rainfall record in Atlantic City of just under 1.2 inches.

We're certainly going to have some showers around today and some thunder, some of which could produce heavy downpours.  High temperatures today, well guidance wants to have it as high as the upper 80s.  I somehow think that is pushing the envelope a little bit, but if there's some breaks of sunshine, I suppose middle 80s or better is not impossible.  It'll be cooler near the beach and boardwalk.

There'll still be the threat of a few showers in the nighttime hours ahead, perhaps into the early part of tomorrow.

Then we will see conditions start to improve later Thursday with temperatures well into the 80s.