It was just a tad warmer yesterday than my predicted 80. 

It got up to 83 in Trenton and Atlantic City.

Today will be cooler, only in the low to middle 70s and cooler than that in the 60s near the ocean, with humidity and mostly cloudy skies.  There could be some brightening or peaks of sun this afternoon.

There also is the chance of a shower or a possible thunderstorm, in spots, but certainly not everywhere.

Some areas of fog and drizzle tonight with another late shower chance and lows in the 60s, for the most part.

After some early fog tomorrow, another risk of off and on showers with highs in the 70s, but cooler at the beach.

It will be a bit warmer on Friday, but still humid with a shower or thunderstorm a possibility. Again, this is not an all day rain storm situation by any means in these days ahead.

Highs Friday will be 78 to 83.

But, it should be gone in time to have a good-looking weekend.  At least, as it stands now.