Once again, Newark Liberty Airport was the warmest reading yesterday, while everyone else was 93 or 94.

Newark manged to reach 97.  The normal high is 86, so we were pretty far above the norm for this time of the year.

More hot weather continues today, but with a little bit less humidity and sunshine.  Highs will be maybe in the middle to upper 90s.  The upper 90s for Newark, the middle 90s for everyone else.

It will definitely cooler at the beach and the ocean water temperatures are in the comfortable upper 60s to low 70s.

Clear and very warm again tonight with most lows from 75 to 80, though a few 60s are possible once again in the NW counties.

Sunny, hot and again more humid tomorrow and Thursday.  There's the chance of a late thunderstorm Thursday.

Both days will be in the middle to perhaps upper 90s, though somewhat cooler at the beach.

More hot and humid weather will continue Friday into Saturday with an increasing chance of thunderstorm activity, especially Saturday.

The heat wave should break later this weekend. In this case, I'm thinking about Sunday.