The long holiday weekend forecast worked out reasonably well, although there were some showers and thunderstorms in parts of Central and Northern New Jersey on Saturday, which I didn't anticipate.

I did anticipate them for Sunday.  And I expected Memorial Day to be rain-free, which was certainly the case.  It was a hot day yesterday, in the low 90s in spots;  90 or 91 in Atlantic City and Newark.  A sea breeze did help along the Jersey Shore beaches by early afternoon and through the afternoon hours yesterday.

Today, temperatures will be right back up or around over 90 with some sunshine and some clouds.  I think we'll be rain-free through early afternoon, but we'll have the increasing threat of a shower or gusty thunderstorm later today in part of the state, not all.  Southern and coastal counties will probably not have much later today.

That'll be changing tonight with the risk of some passing showers and thunderstorms.  There will be, in parts of the state, at least early tomorrow morning, that stuff will then taper off throughout the day.

Thursday looks good.

Friday does, as well, although clouds may be increasing.

There may be rain or showers for part of Saturday.

Sunday looks good from here.