Tuesday's high temperatures reached as warm as 94 at Newark, so my low to mid 90s worked out reasonably well.

It was 91 or 92 in Trenton, Wrightstown, and Atlantic City.

Temperatures today will be back in the low 90s, maybe a degree or two below what we've had. It will be hot and humid with clouds and some sunshine.  Also, watch for a shower or strong, gusty thunderstorm at some point later today.

There may be a bit of relief at the beaches, but not too much, other than sticking your toes in the ocean.

A passing shower or thunderstorm is possible the first part of tonight, then warm and humid 70s later tonight.

Still warm and humid tomorrow, but mostly in the mid to upper 80s and cooler near the ocean for sure.

There will be a shower or thunderstorm possible anytime Thursday, as there will be Friday.

Friday's highs will be back in the humid 80s, but definitely cooler again at the beaches.

It looks as though the weekend will have the threat of some off and on shower and thunderstorm activity.