It's good to be back from vacation with you today.

High temperatures yesterday reached the upper 80s and low 90s; 91 at Newark Liberty Airport was far and away the hot spot.  The closest to that was Atlantic City's International Airport, which reached 88.  We should be around 85 or 86, so we were a little above normal yesterday.

High temperatures again today in the upper 80s to perhaps near 90.  It should be cooler near the beach and boardwalk.

There'll be the threat of a shower or a thunderstorm, especially this afternoon into this evening.  After the thunderstorms die out this evening, there may be a leftover shower chance in a few spots overnight.

Wednesday looks unsettled, so does Thursday, clouds and some sun, but warm and humid weather continues with the threat of a shower or thunderstorm at any time.

That may last into Friday.  With some luck, the upcoming weekend, most of it anyways, will be okay.

We'll see about that in future reports.