As I was arriving at work tonight, one of my wonderful male co-workers was commenting about how he couldn't believe he had to stop at the store and pick up tampons and was so confused as to which kind to get.  I thought it was very funny, as to any woman, it's a simple purchase, but to any guy, it can clearly be very overwhelming.  We're talking now about what products your wife or girlfriend have asked you to pick up and at what point in the relationship is it ok to ask?  So far feminine products have topped the list from your calls and one woman admitted that even in her 50s, she is still embarrassed to buy condoms.  What if she buys the wrong size?  If she buys magnum, is the  cashier going to make a comment?

It's so funny what we think everyone else will think.  Meanwhile, we are adults and these are products adults buy.  So why do people still get red in the face as though they were teenagers? What is the most embarrassing or confusing  product your partner has asked you to pick up?