Security is back to normal at a school in Holmdel after the Monmouth County district became the target of "swatting" for the third time in six weeks as a South Jersey school is also threatened.

Bridgeton Public Schools went on lockdown Tuesday afternoon after a threat was phoned into the school earlier in the day "of concern to all district schools" according to the Bridgeton Police Facebook page.  Police Chief Michael Gaimari the threat was not directed to one particular school and each of the district's nine schools were searched before the lockdowns were lifted.  “Let it be known that there was no direct or indirect evidence of any real threat to the students and/or staff" said Gaimari in a statement.


A lockdown at the indian Hill School in Holmdel (CBS New York)

The Holmdel police website reported that the Indian Hill School was in lockdown on Tuesday morning after a threat was made against the site. Other schools in the district were in a "secure the building mode" while Indian Hill was searched by police.

"All activities have resumed as normal," wrote the department on its Facebook page. "All are safe!!!"

Indian Hill was never evacuated, according to tweet from the school district, and police will be "on and around the school premises" the rest of the school day.

The Village School was evacuated by a threat on March 31 while the William R. Satz and Holmdel High School received a threat on May 5. No arrests have been made in any of the incidents.

Swatting is the practice of making a false call that requires a response of a SWAT or tactical team and creating a large police presence.

The threat was made a day after the New Jersey Assembly's Homeland Security panel voted to put a tough swatting bill up for a vote. The bill would punish those who make swatting calls with a 10 year jail sentence.