Think Thanksgiving night and Black Friday at retail stores are a bit too hectic?

Target employees in downtown Jersey City kept things as still as could be with an epic take on the so-called "Mannequin Challenge" — a viral video trend in which as many participants as possible (in as unusual, challenging or awkward of a stance as possible) stay perfectly still while Rae Sremmurd's "Black Beatles" plays.

"I felt good and everyone was in a happy mood. (It) made the day go by faster," store employee Favian Singh wrote on Instagram. "I enjoy the night with all my Target crew. We all handle last night very well."

Is it the best NJ Mannequin Challenge ever? The folks at Target have some stiff competition — like this one from a Bayonne Houlihan's.

These toddlers in a New Jersey classroom had serious game ...

We're just glad the pizza wasn't frozen at Pizza One in Haskell:

It takes some strength and stamina to hold the weights

We're not exactly sure what the NJ National Guard was up to, holding that one guy up, but we're impressed how still they kept him...

But perhaps the trickiest was the UNDERWATER challenge pulled off by the New Jersey Hammerheads underwater rugby team. They move a little bit, but we think we can cut them some slack.

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