3 people were rescued from a boat that got stuck on a jetty in front of the Breakers in Spring Lake on Friday night. 

Rescue effort on a boat that hit a jetty in front of the Breakers in Spring Lake (Borough of Spring Lake)

A number of off-duty fire and police officers along with Spring Lake police and the U.S. Coast Guard responded as they watched the 21-foot boat run aground around 9 p.m. according to NJ.com.

"Multiple lifeguards made a heroic rescue with rough ocean conditions washing over the jetty and battering the boat at times, making for a dangerous effort for the rescuers," photographer Bill Senck told Newsworks.

One man had to be removed from the craft after suffering a head wound, reports NJ.com, with Spring Lake police chief Ed Kerr singling out Wall police officer Jack Gramlich as "instrumental" in helping the injured man. A Stokes basket from the Coast Guard was used to float him back to shore. Coast Guard Petty Officer Michael Robertson told NJ.com the unidentified man had serious injuries.

Anna DiNapoli on the Monmouth County Police, Fire and EMS Facebook page said there were a number of emergency personnel who responded to the scene.

"It was amazing to watch the first police officer to arrive immediately strip off his clothes to jump into the dark, rough waters. God bless the courageous men and women who risk their lives every day for all of us," she wrote.