The way people use cellphones can be pretty inconsiderate, and I'm sure public transit commuters would agree.

A Gawker report over the weekend accused Governor Christie of being kicked off an Amtrak quiet car for talking loudly. And while it turns out this event was reported somewhat inaccurately, according to at least one witness who said Christie got on the wrong car by accident and then handled the situation with courtesy, the topic has me thinking about inappropriate phone use.

When's the last time someone bugged by being on a cellphone when they shouldn't have?

Heather from New Brunswick said she was in the emergency room last night when someone in the waiting area wouldn't get off the phone. According to her, the guy started cursing about his situation and it was pretty annoying to be around.

No one wants to hear the unsolicited details of a stranger's life while they're commuting. I think we should have the "call car" instead of the silent car, and make quietness the default on Amtrak.

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