Lately in Trenton, it's been nothing but talks of tax cuts and budgets.

Governor Christie is quickly reminding taxpayers that he hasn't forgotten about ending huge sick leave payouts for public employees.

The governor said he remains focused on ending the thousands of dollars workers in the public sector rack up before they retire.

"Its on my list of things for the Legislature to get done" Christie told a crowd of more than 600 at a school in Galloway, Atlantic County.

"These are what is refereed to as the boat checks...because that is what they use them for when they buy their boat."

Christie said he's been arguing about ending the practice completely with Democrats for the past two years.

"I want a zero means zero policy...If you are sick, take your sick day, but if you don't take your sick day, that is your reward, that you weren't sick."

He said this is something he and at least one top Democrat agree on.

"Senator Sweeney, the head of the state Senate, has sponsored the zero means zero bill, the administration bill, so its really time to pass it."

The governor said while we can't get rid of the ills that came before us, we can stop adding to the debt.

"Because let me tell you something, this is a couple of billion dollars that we owe already when these people cash out and its a huge, huge problem."

Last year, New Jersey towns paid out $43 million for unused leave.

Courtesy Governor's Office