Governor Christie has announced Formula One Grand Prix racing is coming to the Garden state - for the first time ever.

During a ceremony at the Port Imperial Ferry Terminal in Weehawken, Christie said "in June of 2013, Formula One will be here for 3 days- a 3-point-2 mile road race right here at Port Imperial and the Palisades and in West New York and in Weehawken -you can expect upwards of 100 thousand people - to attend each race over the 3 days, beginning with practice on Friday, the qualifier on Saturday and then the race on Sunday."

Christie also said "this is going to have an enormous tourism, economic impact upon this area and across our whole state…think about bringing well over a hundred thousand people into this area to frequent the shops and the restaurants, the hotels, to be staying here for 3 days in a celebratory mood…this will provide extraordinary benefits to our state - not just economically - but to prove to everyone that the New Jersey comeback has begun."

He then said "New Jersey remains a leader in hosting all types of national and internationally known sporting and entertainment events - the NCAA basketball playoffs last March, the Ironman triathlon next summer and the Superbowl in 2014…we've taken the steps necessary to solidify New Jersey as a leading destination for sports and entertainment events and those efforts are producing real results."

Christie then pointed out "this is another example of what New Jersey can do when everyone works together - because when the race is held here 2013…they're not going to say it's a republican Grand Prix or a democratic Grand Prix, they're going to say it's the New Jersey Grand Prix and they're not going to care about political parties."

When the issue of race safety came up, Christie said race organizers have been working with local officials "to make sure that the way the road race has been set up is going to ensure the safety of the neighborhoods and the citizens of Weehawken and North Bergen and the general area…you all know my driving record- the good news is I won't be driving in the Grand Prix, so folks are going to be very relieved about that."

He also said all costs are being covered by the promoters, the inconvenience to local residents will be minimal, and Formula One is the safest form of auto racing in the world…and since this deal was made, he's become a huge Formula One fan.

"The good news about what's happening in New Jersey right now is we have more people calling us and coming to us" said the Governor, "because they want to be a part of what's happening in this state - they see things are going really well, they see we've turned the state around and are moving it back in the right direction."

Steve Matchett, a commentator for the Speed Network, said the race course layout in Jersey - along the Hudson River with Manhattan as a backdrop - is absolutely staggering - "it is something that the whole world will recognize instantly, and it's going to be a tremendous backdrop to this race -when I look at the layout of the track here- there is more than a passing resemblance to the classic street course - which is Monte Carlo."