As he travels around the state holding town hall meetings, Governor Christie is pushing his plan for an across-the-board 10 percent income tax cut.

The proposal is opposed by state democratic leaders, who argue most of the "give-back" will go to the rich.

Christie says when Jersey democrats wanted to spend a billion dollars last year the state didn't have, they called it "an investment…and now, when I want to cut your taxes - not in one year, but over 3 years - by a billion dollars - that's fiscally irresponsible…so let's understand -when they're spending your money it's an investment, when I want to give you your money back so you can spend it, it's fiscally irresponsible."

The Governor says democrats are now also arguing that it's cutting property taxes - not the income tax - that we should be focused on - by increasing the property tax rebate program - but "that's the old days of Trenton - that every good idea resides in Trenton and every smart idea resides there and they know how to spend your money better than you do…we've got to stop allowing them to take more of your money and then have them decide how much of it you get to keep…the only way to make sure that Trenton politicians don't waste your money is not to send it to them in the first place."

He adds "we know the only way to solve the property tax problem is this - spend less - that's it…they don't want to cut any tax - they want to control every dollar there in Trenton - keep sending it in the income tax - and they'll figure out how to spend it…that's the fight - that's the fight from now until the end of June - and you get ready, cause you think they were calling me names before -wait till you hear the stuff they're calling me now- but I don't think you're worried…I'm certainly not the shy and retiring type, and I know how to answer back - so we're going to have a good fight - a good Jersey fight over this."