I conked out early on Saturday night after having a fine dinner and more than a few glasses of wine with our friends, the Technors from down the block; so unfortunately I missed the comedic highlight of the week.

The Weekend Update Segment on Saturday Night Live featuring Governor Christie lampooning himself with Seth Myers.

Well in case you missed it:

Here’s what I don’t get:

We all know how the Governor worked his ass off (figuratively, obviously) during the storm and in the wake of the devastation.

So when I saw this piece online, I was thrown for a loop.

According to the piece:

Tens of thousands of New Jersey residents are without power. Many have lost homes and everything else that they have. Some don’t have enough to eat and others are struggling to stay warm.

This is not the time for a responsible leader to go do his self-promoting shtick on Saturday Night Live. But Christie seems so tone deaf that he puts his self-promotion ahead of anything else.

Yes Giuliani went on Saturday Night Live a few weeks after September 11, but that wasn’t a series of gags, it was a serious tribute to those who died in the attacks. It had very little in common with Christie showing off the same routine that he does every time he’s in the vicinity of a video camera. And at a time when New Jersey residents still need help, why is their Governor spending time on a comedy show cracking jokes about what people have been going through?

We’ve got people from Louisiana and North Carolina coming in to help New Jersey, while Christie hops from one photo op to another. Sandy, like everything else, has turned out to be all about the monumental ego of a big man who wants to be an even bigger man.

In Rahway, where many residents were still without power yesterday afternoon, 400 survival kits handed out by the Red Cross in the City Hall parking lot proved to be too few.

“All of a sudden it was like a big rush,” Red Cross worker Lauren Franklin said. “They went extremely quickly.”

For Monique Patterson, who arrived too late to get a survival kit, it was insult added to injury. “It’s been hell,” she said. “I have three kids and we have no power, no heat, for 13 days now.”

William Dickson, who works for the Union County city, said there has been little communication between authorities and residents about when PSE&G would restore electricity.

“It’s so cold at night I have to sleep with a blanket over my head and use my own breath to stay warm,” he said.

Maybe Christie could take a break from doing his own one-man non-stop comedy show to hand out some survival kits.

You tell me, outside of the seemingly stilted performance the Governor gave (he’s better at being impromptu than reading off a script), did you really have a problem with his appearing on SNL?

Help me out!

Given the amount of work he’s put in, with regular briefings, plus the fact that he and his wife are spearheading the Restore New Jersey effort, I saw absolutely no problem with his appearance on SNL.

Just wondering if there’s gonna be some adoring fan waiting in the wings to ask him for his sweaty fleece…like the ubiquitous NFL apparel commercial you see every Sunday.