Violators of the state's Safe Corridors can take comfort in knowing that their fine money is going to a good cause. Governor Chris Christie recently announced that $3 million of it will fund traffic safety programs through out the state.

NJ Department of Transportation Spokesman Joe Dee says the money not only goes back into funding the Safe Corridors program, in purchasing equipment, vehicles and paying enforcers salaries, but toward funding the state's Bikeway Program as well. "This goes to municipalities or counties to build or to extend existing bike paths or to build new ones.

A DOT press release shows municipalities and counties receiving Bikeway grants for FY2012 are Linwood and Galloway (Atlantic County), South Orange (Essex County), East Windsor (Mercer County), Berkeley Township (Ocean County) and Old Bridge (Middlesex County). Recipients are receiving grants ranging from $75,000 to $290,000.

Dee says the Safe Corridors program dates back to 2003 and has been very effective in reducing accidents in 14 ten-mile segments that had a history of high crash rates.

He says "In fact, the grants reflect that. Some grants are much smaller than others and that's because over time the efforts that the local police have been making in those areas are paying off. There are some of these areas that are still receiving quite a bit of funding because they still demonstrate a need for enhanced enforcement."

According to the DOT press release segments of Route 1, Route 9, Route 22, Route 40, Route 46, Route 47, Route 73 and Route 206 are receiving FY 12 funding.

However, Dee says the NJDOT is currently taking grant proposals for other Municipal Aid programs such as the Transit Village, Safe Streets to Transit and also the Bikeways program for FY 2013. He says the application deadline for these programs have been extended to October 16th.

Get the details at the NJDOT web page.