Just as the story of two alleged shore area 9/11 scammers was making the rounds, so did a photo of Governor Christie posing with one of the men.

Speaking at his Tuesday press conference in Hackensack, the Governor was asked about the photo and the incident.

Christie quickly pointed at that he poses for pictures all the time with people he meets at events.

"Three weeks ago, I must have taken 200 pictures on the Boardwalk in Seaside Heights.  God knows what those are going to be used for."

The Governor then addressed the actual incident.  And while he did not want to step on the toes of the Attorney General's ongoing investigation, he did have strong words for the suspects.

"To be playing on the tragedy of September 11th to line your own pockets is one of the most awful things anybody can do in this region."

Christie said if the allegations are true, then it is reprehensible conduct.