When Tim Tebow was traded from Denver to the Jets last week, Governor Chris Christie sent out a tweet welcoming the quarterback to the team...and now he says he has big plans for him- to help promote the Garden state, even though he hasn't even spoken to him yet.

Last night on Townsquare Media's Ask the Governor program, Christie said "I think it's great for New Jersey - I think Tim Tebow seems to me from a distance to be a really fine young man and somebody who could be a great role model...rest assured, I will figure out some way to make Tim Tebow a part of the New Jersey comeback."

When the Governor was reminded some of the world champion New York Giants were upset that Christie had rolled out the welcome mat for Tebow with a tweet, the Governor seem perplexed, saying "Mario Maninngham is gone, Jacobs is gone - have they got any new - I didn't see them getting any new big name players - what do they want me to say- congratulations again?"

He then said Tebow "should live in New Jersey because - the New Jersey comeback has begun- so he wants to be a part of it - Tebow wants to be a part of it so I hope he lives in Jersey...listen there's great places to live in Morris and Somerset Counties, right near the Jets training facility, so he'll have a short commute- he's making a few bucks so he can probably afford a pretty nice house."

When News Director Eric Scott if Christie wanted to make Tebow a sort of Garden state promotion ambassador, the Governor replied, "Well I think we'd have to talk to the Lieutenant Governor and see if maybe Tebow wants to be a part of the Jersey tourism deal - it would be good...I have Tebow and Sanchez and Eli Manning - the best quarterbacks in the NFL right here in New Jersey!"