Would you buy Gov. Chris Christie's old gym shorts?

At least four people out there would, according to an eBay listing for the 60-inch waist, dark blue, cotton shorts supposedly autographed by the governor himself. The highest bid was up to $202.50 as of Wednesday afternoon. The starting price last week was $175.

According to the post, the shorts are the property of one of Christie's former employees.

"These shorts were won at a fundraising auction by the Governor at the beginning of his term. Chris Christie raffled off the shorts and signed them at the event," the seller states in the post.

The shorts are signed: "'Stay in shape' Best wishes Chris Christie Gov. NJ. "

According to the seller, the former owner of the shorts decided to sell them because he is "disillusioned about the situation involving Christie and Trump." After dropping out of the presidential race, Christie endorsement Donald Trump.

So did the governor ever wear the shorts? The seller doesn't actually seem to know.

"We cannot guarantee that the shorts were ever worn by the owner, they probably were, but no film footage, but if not satisfied we will give your money back," the post states, calling the online auction a "once in a lifetime chance to own something unique, soon the whole crazy mess will be over."

A spokesman for the governor did not get back to us about whether the shorts actually belonged to Christie.

The seller could not be reached for comment.

Toniann Antonelli can be reached at toniann.antonelli@townsquaremedia.com, or on Twitter @ToniRadio1015.

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