Governor Chris Christie held a town hall in Monmouth County today, where he let the crowd know he was fired up about education reform.

"We spend thousands of dollars on education in this state, yet cities like Newark, Camden, Trenton, Asbury Park and Paterson have some of the lowest high school graduation rates in the country" Christie told a crowd at the National Guard Armory in Freehold.

The governor reiterated his plan to change the teacher tenure system, which would reward the good teachers and make it easier to get rid of the bad ones.

"No where else in the professional world do you get lifetime protection for being on the job for three years and one day with no performance evaluation of how you're doing ...its absurd."

Christie wants a bill passed and sent to his desk soon and urged the state Legsilature to get on board.

"Let me clear to the Legislature, because there will be some fighting in the coming weeks about this topic.  Do not send me a watered down b.s. tenure reform...if you send me weak tenure reform, I will veto it and send it right back to you."

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