Gov. Chris Christie, appearing on New Jersey 101.5 Monday night, said the continuing flap over lane closings at the George Washington Bridge is "all about politics."

Even though two top Port Authority of New York and New Jersey officials have resigned over "Bridgegate," the now infamous closing of approach lanes that caused several days of monster traffic jams earlier this fall, it is still not clear exactly what happened, or who was responsible.

Ask the Governor 12/23/13 (Annette Petriccione, Townsquare Media NJ)

David Wildstein, the former director of Interstate Capital Projects at the Port Authority, has been blamed for the debacle, which supposedly took place in order to carry out a traffic study on the span, but Bill Baroni, the former deputy executive director, who also recently quit, indicated he was to also to blame for not properly communicating information about the closures and the study.

Meanwhile the Executive Director of the PA, Patrick Foye, has testified he was never aware there even was a study.

So has the governor seen a study?

"No," Christie said, in response to the question posed by host Eric Scott. "What do I care?"

If a study was produced, the governor said, his Democratic critics would not be satisfied. "Because they'd find something else. They're already saying, 'Well, maybe the Governor had nothing to do with this and maybe there's no fault here but he created through his attitude, a culture which would permit this kind of thing to be done.' That's the latest line." He added: "I get it. They're partisan politicians."

Speaking during Townsquare Media's "Ask The Governor" program Monday, Christie said there is no reason not to believe Bill Baroni, who testified to an Assembly committee that there was a study.

Christie added he's asked his staff for a full briefing, they've shared everything they know, and "none of it makes sense, it's all about politics, none of it makes sense."

Democrats have insisted the lane closures, which resulted in days of monster jam-ups, were ordered as payback for democratic Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich not endorsing Governor Christie's re-election campaign. Christie has called the allegation ridiculous.

But the issue won't go away. Assembly Transportation Committee Chairman John Wisniewski, a Democrat, has issued a new round of subpoenas, to help "get to the bottom of what really happened."