Pork chops and pork butt are disappearing from your supermarket and will be replaced by porterhouse chops and  Boston roast.

A meat display at a Pennsylvania market (William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

The pork and beef industries, with the blessing for the US Food & Drug Administration,  is changing the names of 350 cuts of meat.

The National Pork Board says they found shoppers were confused by the myraid of names like "butler steak" and "beef shoulder top blade steak."

The names will be official in the Uniform Retail Meat Identification Standards, a voluntary naming standard used by many retailers. Labels will also include information on which part of the animal’s body the meat comes from and good ways to cook it.

Pork chops = porterhouse chop

Pork butt = Boston roast

Rib Chop Center Bone In = T-Bone chop

Rib chop bone-in = Rib eye chop bone-in

Sirloin chop boneless = Sirloin chop

Boneless shoulder top blade steak = flatiron steak

Beef under blade boneless steak = Denver steak