'Tis the season when many New Jersey residents will be attending weddings, and how much it will cost you depends on a number of factors such as where the wedding is and what your relationship is with the couple tying the knot.    

Tom Merton, Getty Images

Travel can easily run $300, attire could be another $100 and then there is the gift, which could run at least $100 according to Jamie Miles, editor of TheKnot.com.

"A recent survey we conducted found that friends of the couple generally spent, on average, about $80 while family spent nearly double, about $146 or more. It is an antiquated idea to gift the amount that was spent on the plate. Think of the relationship you have with the couple, and go from there," Miles said.

If you are attending a destination wedding, the couple may expect less and choose to forgo gifts altogether knowing how much guests are spending to get to the destination.

The following is the average friends and family of couples spend on wedding gifts, according to theknot.com:


  • 62 percent spend between zero and $50
  • 30 percent spend between $51 and $100
  • 4 percent spend between $101 and $150


  • 48 percent spend between $51 and $100
  • 21 percent spend between zero and $50
  • 11 percent spend between $101 and $150
  • 11 percent spend more than $151

"There is a huge difference between what friends spend and what families spend at weddings. It all depends on circumstances and how well guests know the couple," Miles said. "Bottom line, I wouldn't factor in the cost of the plate or how much the couple is spending to host you. I think it's more about your relationship with the couple as well as your budget."