Governor Christie is once again calling on the democratically controlled Legislature to immediately approve a property tax cut for Garden State residents.

During his latest town hall meeting in Elmwood Park today, the Governor told an over-flow crowd for months there was a debate about which tax cut plan to adopt, “and then I finally said to myself, you know what? …to heck with it…and in the spirit of compromise, I went to Senator Sweeney and said okay, make one or two little changes and I’ll agree to your tax cut. He said really? And I said yes- so then we agreed to the change and he said, you really are serious, you’ll do my tax cut plan? And I said yes – guess what happened next?...You know what they did then? They said well wait a second, we can’t do it yet.”

The Governor said this is totally crazy because “these are the same people that I’ve had to line-item veto nearly 1.3 billion dollars in additional spending that they voted for…they have 1-point-3 billion dollars of your money that they’re willing to spend on their pet programs but they don’t have 250 million dollars to cut your taxes.”

Christie stressed getting a tax cut is his top priority for the Fall, and he also made a plea for the Legislature to pass an ethics reform package – that was unveiled 2 years ago.