A bipartisan effort has been launched in Trenton, in wake of hours-long lines at select New Jersey gas stations since the big hit from Sandy.


Gas shortage in Hillsborough (Townsquare Media)

Assemblywoman Amy Handlin (R) plans to introduce legislation requiring gas stations to have emergency power generators on standby in case of power outages. Senator Barbara Buono (D) is calling for the same thing.

Buono said she would prefer to start with a program offering low-interest loans to gas stations that purchase generators at a discounted bulk purchase price negotiated by the state.

"It isn't just a matter of having enough gas to get to the store or to get to work when businesses reopen," Buono said. "It's a matter of public safety and health of people who need gas to keep their own generators going, including those with elderly parents with ventilators or other special medical needs."

Assemblywoman Handlin of Monmouth County noted some gas lines in her area are over a mile in length and include people in cars and others on foot.