Gas prices have moderated a little since they took a big jump in May, but if you're driving to the Midwest, prepare to dig down to drive.

Joe Raedle, Getty Images

It seems fires, storms and scheduled retooling have combined to temporarily close several Midwest refineries, driving gas prices higher in that region. But elsewhere, Tom Kloza of says, things have steadied.

"Along the coast, whether it's the east coast, the west coast, the gulf coast...crude prices are lower than they were a year ago. Refiners are doing very, very well."

Kloza says the Midwest price spike is counterintuative because that region will start receiving supplies of cheaper Canadian crude in about a year, and the should drop gas prices way down in the region.

New Jersey's average right now is $3.37 per gallon, about 20 cents cheaper than the national average. Kloza says he still believes that when all is said and done, we will see gas prices lower in 2013 than they were in 2012.

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