Every once in a while, a new artist comes along that goes against the grain. Someone who sounds different from what you're used to. This week, a man by the name of Gary Clark, Jr. took the bull by the horns and released an eclectic, genre-bending, guitar driven debut record that will certainly have the music business talking for a while.

The album, titled Blak and Blu, takes you on a tour through Gary Clark, Jr.'s influences. No two songs sound alike. No two songs even fit the same music genre. It's almost as if this album came out 45 years too late. Blak and Blu is reminiscent of records in the 60s that were not concept studio albums, but rather a collection of the artist's best songs to get people interested in buying their music.

You will get bare bones rock, blues, jazz, R&B, and everything in between. It never sounds forced. Instead, it sounds unbelievably natural. Every song makes you look at Gary Clark, Jr. in a different light. By the time the last song is finished, you will be confused as to what just played through your speakers, but you'll be pleasantly surprised.

There isn't one track I can specifically recommend. Instead, you can check out the video posted below. It is an album trailer that will take you through an extensive tour of what you're going to be exposed to upon listening to the album.

You can download the album on Amazon or on iTunes. Me personally? I'll be buying the vinyl version of the album. Get used to the name, Gary Clark, Jr. We will be hearing from the guy for years to come.