It’s hard enough to get people to watch the news anymore.

But tt helps if the news anchor is easy on the eyes.
Especially for guys, if the news anchor is a hot woman.

I know, I’m being a pig.

And I know that women newscasters want to be taken seriously. Much the same way the Olivia Munn character in HBO’s “The Newsroom” has an IQ that reaches the moon; yet is in front of the camera primarily for her looks.

So, while I’m sure Megyn Kelly has all the credentials of being fit to hold down the 9PM slot on Fox’s News Channel; you’d have to admit, it might have something to do with her looks.

According to this:

FOXNEWS is set to make its first primetime schedule change in 10 years, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.
Superstar newswoman Megyn Kelly has landed the 9 PM slot, top sources reveal.
The shock announcement is set for later this month.
"It's all about Megyn," an insider explains. "She is the new face of cable news. She has it all!"

What all that is could be left to the imagination.

It is a sad commentary that news cred, however knowledgeable on may be at their craft, seems to take a backseat to the “hotness” factor.

But it’s all about the numbers.

So with that in mind, here’s a partial list of the ones I rate highest, in no particular order.

Alicia Vitarelli on Channel 6
Sade Bederenwa on Channel 7
Liz Cho on channel 7
Roxanne Evans on News 12
Harris Faulkner on Fox. (I'm always thankful when she subs for Sheppard Smith!)

Rob Kim
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Feel free to add your own, and ladies, don't fee left out. Dudes are acceptable. (But anyone who says Bill Ritter needs glasses!)

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