KENILWORTH— Kenilworth's superintendent of schools urges parents to "conscious and vigilant" after several luring incidents in the Union County borough and surrounding towns.

In a letter sent to parents and posted on the district's social media sites, Dr. Thomas W.  Tramaglini said there has been one reported incident in Kenilworth and three in the neighboring borough of Roselle in the past week.

"The Kenilworth Police Department notified me of several reports of possible occurrences in other communities similar to those that happened in Kenilworth and Roselle," Tramaglini wrote.

He wrote that in each incident, an identified man approached a girl and held up a jacket claiming he had something for them. As the girl approached, the man dropped the jacket and attempted to grab the girl, according to Tramaglini.

The superintendent said Kenilworth police have increased patrols and are investigating the incidents.

Last week, Roselle police announced that they are looking for a while male in his 30s with a thin build, round face with a light mustache, a unibrow and cleft chin. He is driving a silver SUV, possible a Nissan Rogue, with rear tinted windows, gray leather steering wheel, gray seats with a white outline that has black rims or is missing its hubcaps. Tramaglini's letter did not offer a specific description of a suspect.

Tramaglini said suspicious activity should be reported to Kenilworth police at 908-276-1700.

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