By now you've probably seen the video of the male Jets fan punching a female Patriots fan in the face after the Jets-Patriots game at MetLife Stadium this past Sunday.

Screen shot of fight at Metlife Stadium after Jets-Patriots game (YouTube)

The video has gone viral and Kurt Paschke has been cast as the villain, but it turns out he may not be the only one at fault. Pashcke, the woman he punched and two of her friends are all facing criminal charges.

After a thorough review of the evidence, a New Jersey State Police investigation reveals that Amanda MacDowell and Jaclyn Nugent were seen on tape kicking and punching Paschke in the body and head. Right after that, Paschke is spotted punching Nugent with a right cross to the face. That's when David James Sacco is seen hitting Paschke in the face.

"After detectives scoured through surveillance and other evidence, all four were charged," says State Police Sgt. Adam Grossman. "They're all charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct."

According to Grossman, in the next few weeks, MacDowell, 25, of Marlborough Massachusetts, Nugent, 26, of Boston Massachusetts, Sacco, 28 of Boston Massachusetts, and Paschke, 38, of Holbrook New York will face a court appearance at East Rutherford Municipal Court.

"The incident started out as a verbal altercation and then did escalate into a physical altercation," explains Grossman. "Three people who were associated with each other got into a physical altercation with a man. Part of that physical altercation was captured on video."

This is not Paschke's first brush with the law. He served almost four years in prison after being convicted in 1992 of criminally negligent homicide stemming from a stabbing death of a teenager in Long Island. Paschke was 17 at the time. According to prosecutors, in 2007 he was arrested for damaging a woman's cell phone and in 2011 he was busted for selling alcohol to a minor.

In published reports, Paschke's parents are defending him saying he never meant to hurt anyone, but they say, he was put in a very difficult position of having to defend himself.

Last night, the Jets announced that all four of the accused are now banned from all events held at the stadium. They will all be allowed to apply for readmission privileges once the legal process is wrapped up, but they'll have to meet certain conditions.