Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato wants answers from the organizers of the Electric Adventure Beach Weekend, a two-day music festival in Seaside Heights, after the event required the response of multiple agencies who assisted in arresting 42 people and saving 35 overdose victims.

Seaside Heights (Matthew White, Townsquare Media NJ)

Al Della Fave, spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office, said Coronato plans on holding the organizers accountable.

"He is first tallying up the cost of our police response and he's also going to attempt to recoup those losses," he said. "We do know they had insurance policies in place that should cover some of these issues that we had to address."

The incidents at the event required assistance from the Prosecutor's Office, the Ocean County Sheriff's Department, K-9 units, the regional SWAT Team, State Police and Seaside Heights Police.

Della Fave said event organizers hire private security teams to conduct searches and help with crowd control at the venue, and that county, local and State Police are called in when there is criminal activity involved. He added the event raises questions about the effectiveness of the type of security being hired.

"The prosecutor made it clear, and he's also in concurrence with Seaside Police Chief Thomas Boyd, that both felt the value of the event needs to be questioned definitely, that in the future we don't feel that it's appropriate to bring that type of event to the county," he said.

The Prosecutor's Office wasn't notified of the event until last Wednesday, but was able to have a response plan in place. Della Fave says that plan was followed and resulted in the high number of arrests.