A New Jersey woman has been convicted of strangling her elderly mother to death in their northern New Jersey home.

Tina Lunney (Essex County Prosecutor's Office)

The Essex County prosecutor's office says a jury on Friday found 45-year-old Tina Lunney of Fairfield guilty of the 2009 murder of 81-year-old Marie Zoppi.

Acting Prosecutor Carolyn Murray says Lunney killed Zoppi and then used the dead woman's credit cards to pay bills, settle debts and pay for a vacation to North Carolina.

Zoppi had lived for 14 years in a split-level home with Lunney and Lunney's husband and two children.

Prosecutors say Lunney crushed her mother's ribs and strangled her to death with a man's necktie on July 22, 2009.

Prosecutors say they'll seek a life sentence for Lunney at her July 26 sentencing.


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