Are you really shocked that a Facebook page has been set up depicting fights that have taken place on the campus of Bridgewater-Raritan High?

It’s become all too common that in the technologically advanced age we live in, boorish behavior is going to be on display more and more.

And the natural reaction is “who to blame?”

The parents of the kid(s) who set up the page?

The actors?

The school officials who seem to be trying their best to corral the participants?


Society in general that has set the bar lower and lower so as to allow tasteless demonstrations like this to be put on display?

For what it’s worth, I’m really quite surprised that Facebook doesn’t moderate their site any better so as to not encourage this type of activity from happening.

Much like in the case of YouTube, where if there’s the possibility an offending video is posted on its site, the video is generally taken down right away.

There are so many angles to this, and in view of that, I’d like to know some of your thoughts, some of which I hope to hear from you tonight after 11.