Legislation moving through Trenton would give New Jersey voters an expanded opportunity to cast their election ballot.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Assemblyman John Wisniewski sponsors the move to create an expanded voting time before a general or primary election.

Wisniewski's legislation would create an early voting process that would allow New Jersey voters to cast their votes at specially designated polling places starting up to five weeks before a primary or general election, and ending on the Sunday before Election Day.

Thirty-two states and the District of Columbia currently have an early voting program that allows duly-registered voters to vote in person prior to Election Day.

"Having a five-week period before election day insures that everybody's voice can be heard, said Wisniewski.  "With people's work schedule, folks are either getting up before the polls open or they're getting home after they close.  They just can't get there. Child care responsibilities, health responsibilities, work responsibilities, you name it, there are lots of reasons why people can't fit that one day or can't get the vote-by-mail application done," he said.

He said had an early voting system been in place before Hurricane Sandy, it would have helped clear up a lot of the problems with last November's election with faxed ballots and e-mails.

But local officials have concerns about details, including the cost.  Passaic County Clerk Kristin Corrado said she wants to know how it's going to be accomplished in a cost-effective way in a way that's fair to all of our voters.

Corrado has discussed some of these details with Assemblyman Wisniewski.