Wayyyy back into time, as The Time Machine lands on Tuesday, March 9, 1971. Here's the local top 10 singles.


  • 10

    "Me & Bobby McGee" by Janis Joplin

    (#15 last week) A hit single & a hit album, 5 months after the death of Ms. Joplin at age 27. A classic stroy song from Kris Kristofferson.The video is one of Janis's many appearances on "The Dick Cavett Show".

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    "If You Could Read My Mind" by Gordon Lightfoot

    (#8 last week) I remember hearing this for the first time & being moved, as much for the SOUND of the song as the lyrics. Marked a real turn in pop music toward soft rock.

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    "Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted" by The Partridge Family

    (#10 last week) Other boys my age had a crush on Susan Dey ("Laurie Partridge"), but I was totally into Mrs. Partridge, played by the attractive Shirley Jones. Loved it when she occasionally had to dress sexy for a show. :-)

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    "Proud Mary"" by Ike & Tina Turner

    (#6 last week) If you asked me to tell you which hit version of "Proud Mary" I love the most, CCR's or Ike/Tina, I couldn't give you an swer. I love them both! The remake totally reinvented a song only 2 years old & made it seem brand new, more than almost any other remake I can think of.

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    "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye

    (#20 last week) This week was another high point for the Motown label, with 3 out of the top 10 singles. Marvin Gaye's masterpiece peaked at #2 nationally, but we had better taste, making it #1 for two weeks. The lyrics were inspried by a police brutality incident witnessed by co-writer Obie Benson. Currently ranked as the #4 best rock song of all time by Rolling Stone.

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    "Rose Garden" by Lynn Anderson

    (#3 last week) Almost a two-million selling single! And it's almost disappeared from radio. Loved it from the first time I heard it. Part of this was used in the 1989 hit "I Beg Your Pardon" by Kon Kan.

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    "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)" by The Temptations

    (#9 last week) Written by the great team of Norman Whitfield & Barrett Strong, this marked a return to the Tempts' more romantic sound, but only for one single. It was the swan song for both Eddie Kendricks (went solo) & Paul Williams (forced to retire for health reasons, then sadly, passed away).

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    "For All We Know" by The Carpenters

    (#7 last week) Third hit in a row for the Carpenters & winner of the Oscar for Best Original Song, although Richard did not write it. In fact, the Carpenters were not allowed to perform it at the awards ceremony, as they didn't do it for the movie itself ("Lovers & Other Strangers"). So silly,.

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    "Mama's Pearl" by The Jackson 5

    (#2 last week) Fifth million-seller in a row for the brothers from Gary, Indiana, but probably the least-played one as an oldie. The original single is also rarely heard, as it hasn't been featured on complilations.

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    "One Bad Apple" by The Osmonds

    (#1 last week; 5th week at #1) Heavily criticised at the time for being "white bread" Jackson 5 ripoffs, the brothers from Utah ironically are keeping the J5 out of the top spot. Hey, the Osmonds had been in the public eye since as far back as 1963, although this was their frirst hit song.