If you're one of those people who believe your vote doesn't count, you might be right when it comes to next month's U.S. Senate primary in New Jersey. Today is the deadline to register to vote in the partisan primaries.

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According to Monmouth University poll director Patrick Murray, all surveys suggest Newark mayor Cory Booker has all but sewn up the Democratic nomination and former Bogota mayor Steve Lonegan is all but a lock to get the Republican nod.

"Usually what happens is that voter registration does matter because you're trying to carve out different regions of the state and trying to get out your vote in those regions," explains Murray. "In this case it doesn't matter. Our polling is showing it doesn't matter whether 200,000 people go out to vote or 400,000 people go out to vote. Also one thing we know about primaries is that if haven't voted in a primary in the past you're probably not going to vote in this one."

This is a non-Presidential election year and the primary is being held in August. Murray thinks this is why we're not likely to see a lot of new voters casting ballots.

"A certain number of people will always go out to vote so the other people who are thinking whether my vote counts or not, it depends on how competitive the race is and right now the race isn't competitive," says Murray. "For those people who don't normally vote in primaries the issue is that your vote probably wouldn't change anything in either the Democratic or Republican primary for this Senate race."

The winner of the October general election will serve out the term of the seat left vacant by the death of U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg. That seat is currently being held by Jeff Chiesa who has decided to not run. Chiesa was appointed by Gov. Chris Christie.