Do you consider yourself to be a grown-up?

What makes you a "grown-up?" (Catherine Yeulet, ThinkStock)

According to a new Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor poll, many people have different ideas about what, exactly, constitutes adulthood.

  • 45 percent of respondents think "a job that is part of a long-term career" is one marker of adulthood;
  • 20 percent believe getting a job means you're a grown up;
  • 23 percent think it's a skilled job with benefits.

Even though many millennials prefer renting over buying these days, a majority of survey respondents said buying or owning a home was a sign of adulthood, and 34 percent said getting married means you're grown up.

But New Jersey shoppers said there are other signs you're become a bonafide adult as well.

"I'm still not moved out of the house yet, but let me tell you, paying bills definitely makes you feel more on your own and as a grown up, said one shopper in Mercer County. "Your own bills, your own money, that'll do it."

Kathy from Trenton said "I grew up when I turned 18, cause I had a job and I was engaged and I was ready to move on."

Another shopper said living independently can make a person grow up pretty quickly.

"Probably the first time I moved out of the house, I had more independence, I could come and go as I please," the shopper said.

Dan from Trenton said for him, adulthood came with college graduation.

"When I graduated college, because I knew that at that point I better make good on what I had learned, that was when I felt like an adult," he said.

One man, sporting long hair and a beard, had a slightly different view.

"That is a good question. When I first started partying, yeah. When I first started partying, especially when I was working -- working and partying -- I was always in the restaurant business, so when the restaurant business transitioned into fun as well, that's when I became an adult for sure," he said.

Bill from Hamilton had a different take.

"Part of me knows I'm an adult, the other part of me is like you know what, you might as well be a child," he said. "I guess it's when you get all the trappings of society, the family, the kid, but ha ha, I'm still not a grownup!"

Cheryl from Ewing said "actually when I first got an office job, and it kind of hit me that it was all pretty real, and it was time to grow up."