The former Rutgers University student convicted in the webcam spying case that ended in his gay roommate's suicide says he was insensitive, but not biased.

Dharun Ravi  tells The Star-Ledger of Newark  he didn't act out of hate and wasn't uncomfortable with Tyler Clementi's sexual orientation.

Ravi says he was concerned about the appearance of the 30-year-old man who Clementi met online and had invited to their dorm room.

The 20-year-old says he would have done the same thing if Clementi had invited a girl who "looked as strange" as the man.

Ravi doesn't regret not taking a plea deal that would have spared him prison. Ravi says he would have had to testify that he did what he did to intimidate Clementi and "that would be a lie." He adds he's "very sorry about Tyler."

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