JERSEY CITY — About a dozen police officers are expected to be charged next month in a federal corruption probe, according to a new report.

The Jersey Journal report cites unnamed law enforcement sources saying that police officers have been expecting the arrests — the results of a probe related to off-duty, private security work — for months.

In September, one Jersey City police officer — Juan Romaniello, 54, of East Hanover — admitted to illegally accepting more than $230,000 in payments from employers at construction sites and failing to report the payments to the city or on his tax returns. Romaniello was charged with conspiracy to commit fraud and accept corrupt payments.

The Jersey Journal report isn't the first to reference the probe. NBC New York's I-Team reported last week "as many as 10 police officers" could be charged with corruption" in early 2017, also citing unnamed sources.

According to that NBC report, in many cases, off-duty officers were allegedly paid for work they never did — after not showing up at construction sites or other locations where private security was required. It also says some police officers allegedly told drivers of oversized vehicles they'd need to pay off-duty cops directly for escorts through Jersey City.

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