The newly appointed President of the Trenton school board is causing worry because of a lawsuit she has filed against her son's school.

Hedgepeth-Williams Elementary School in Trenton (Google street view)

Patrice Daley has filed suit over an injury her son Christopher received when another student opened a window as he walked down a hallway at the Hedgepeth-Williams School, according to the Times of Trenton. He went to the school nurse for treatment of a wound and returned to class. The nurse gave him a bigger bandage when the wound would not stop bleeding.

The Times says the injury was later diagnosed as a concussion at St. Francis Medical Center and he continues to have blurred vision and headaches from the injury.

The Trenton Education Association points to a regulation that prohibits a person seeking monetary compensation from the city from serving on a board. “There may be a potential harm to the district. Our position is that the statute is clear. There is case law that substantiates that claim that she should be removed immediately,” TEA grievance chairperson Janice Williams told the newspaper and promises to file a complaint if Daley is not removed.