In this day and age of constant technological advances, students need to know just about everything there is to know about computers if they're to have any shot at landing a good job when they head out into the real world. A new bill could help make sure young people in New Jersey are prepared.

Computer Class (Flickr User ericnvntr)

The legislation requires one computer science course as part of the high school core STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) curriculum. Students would have to take and pass the course before they're allowed to graduate. Assemblyman Angel Fuentes sponsors the measure.

"The State Board (Department) of Education would require each student to complete a course in computer science that includes, but is not limited to instruction in computer programming," explained Fuentes. "It's all about competition. We want to make sure our students in the State of New Jersey succeed."

Computer science drives job growth said Fuentes and he cites studies that have shown that a simple introductory course on computer programming gives students a significant leg up in the job market.

"We have to give our teachers the support and resources they need to prepare students for the world around them," said Fuentes. "The skills our students will utilize as adults have evolved, and our curriculum must keep pace."

The legislation is part of a three bill package designed to improve education and government. The other bills would require public school districts to provide CPR training and certification as part of the curriculum and require the New Jersey Office of the Treasury to serve as a portal for all public data generated by the state's various departments.