We have our coffee and energy drinks for that caffeine boost.  In a few weeks you'll be able to get that added surge from gum.

Flickr/Toronto History

In April the folks at Wrigley will introduce "Alert."  It's official name is Alert Energy Caffeine Gum.

The sole purpose of the gum is to feed it to Chicago Cubs players so it gives them more energy in hopes of not finishing the baseball season in last place.  I'm kidding, of course. For the record, Wrigley sold the Cubs many years ago.

Getting back to real facts.

"Alert" is equal to about a half cup of coffee, or about 40 milligrams of caffeine.

The sugar free gum will be sold in packs containing eight pieces.  Each pack will cost about three dollars.

This new brand is not the first gum to contain caffeine.  Wrigley already makes a caffeinated gum for the military called "Stay Alert."  This version is pretty potent, containing about 100 milligrams of caffeine.

You may be wondering how this new gum will taste?  You've gotta give the Wrigley people some credit for honesty.  The company says "Alert" will be available in mint and fruit flavors...but...will have a bitter and medicinal taste.

Parents, please note, each pack of the gum will have a warning that the product is not recommended for children.

So there you go, some information for you to "chew on."