A growing number of New Jersey high school seniors are getting a leg up on their higher education careers by taking college-level courses before they actually enroll in college.

Jeff J Mitchell, Getty Images

The Dual Enrollment program is being offered at most county colleges across the Garden State.

"In some cases the high school teachers actually also serve as adjuncts for our community colleges and the high school students take the classes right there in their high schools, and in other cases high school students actually come to the college campus and take college-level courses," said Jake Farbman, director of communications for the New Jersey Council of County Colleges.

Farbman said the program benefits students in a number of ways.

"It gives students an opportunity to get a feel of what it's like to do some college-level work," he said. "It keeps highly motivated students from entering into senioritis, where they slack off a little bit during the senior year, and it helps reduce what the college bill is going to be because the students are taking the classes ahead of time."

According to Farbman, this is a win for the students and their families, it's a win for the high schools, it's a win for the community colleges and it's a win for the state.

"It really helps (the students) to get their feet wet so that we can really inspire them to continue to work hard, whether they enroll with us after high school or if they go on to a four-year school right away," Farbman said.