High temperatures yesterday reached the upper 70s and low 80s; as high as 81 in Lakehurst and Atlantic City, 78 at Newark Liberty Airport.

The normal highs are in the low 70s, so we were a bit above normal, as we will be today.

Despite the fact that there could be some passing showers, we'll have clouds and some sun, though I'm not sure how much.  It'll be more humid with low 80s in spots, but cooler as usual near the ocean.

There could be some heavy downpours tonight, with thunderstorms at times. Some lows in the 60s, but around 70 along the south coast.

There still seems to be the likelihood of a few showers and a possible thunderstorm on Friday with highs in the humid upper 70s, but cooler near the ocean.

Saturday looks okay now.  There's just the chance of a shower.  More than likely, most places may be rain-free with clouds and some sunshine.  It'll be cooler, though, with Saturday's highs only in the low 70s or so.

Clouds and some sun Sunday with the chance of a few late showers means a fair part of the day, with some luck, maybe okay as well.  Sunday's highs back in the low 70s.